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    Prick Test

    • The prickelt is used to detect allergic immediate reactions (type I reactions) - z. B. pollen or insect venom allergies. Standardized allergen solutions are applied to the skin (usually on the inside of the forearm) and then introduced into the skin by means of a superficial stitch with a lancet.

    • After about 15 minutes reactions can be read in the sense of wheal formation.


    Patch Test (ECT, epicutaneous test)

    • The epicutaneous test is used to diagnose so-called contact allergies (type IV reactions).

    • On the back or forearm special main patches are stuck, which contain the test substances.

    • The allergens are left on the skin for 24-48 hours, after which they are read.

    • A second reading takes place 3-4d after the start of the test.

    • Under certain circumstances, an additional reading after 4-8d may be useful.


    IgE Antibody Test

    • In Type I allergy, the body forms specific antibodies. These can be detected by different laboratory procedures in the blood.


    Lymphocyte Transformation Test (LTT)

    • LTT is used to complement the diagnosis of type IV allergic reaction.