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    One focus of our practice is in the field of laser medicine, so we have a lot of experience in this area and can offer you a wide range of services. Disturbing skin changes can be effectively and gently improved by the use of modern laser devices. In the foreground are treatments of vascular changes, of benign skin lesions as well as skin rejuvenation and skin improvement in acne scars or coarse pores.


    Laser therapy of vascular changes

    Couperose (Copperrose, Rosacea)

    Telangiectasia (dilated small blood vessels)

    Hemangiomas (blood sponge)

    Senile angiomas (blood sponges)


    Laser therapy of benign skin changes

    Seborrheic keratoses (old-age wart)

    Angiofibroma (fibrous nasal papule)

    Dermal nevi (benign moles

    Fibromas (stick warts)

    Sebaceous gland hyperplasia (benign enlargement of the sebaceous glands)

    Virus warts

    Nail fungus

    Milia (skin semolina)

    Xanthelasmas (deposits of fat in the skin)


    Laser therapy for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement




    Laser therapy of malignant skin changes

    Actinic keratoses

    Cheilitis actinica